Friday, October 19, 2012

Back in Paris!

Well, it has been a while since I last wrote so I though I give an update on what has kept me so quiet. After spending a few months in Canada, I am now back in France! My boyfriend and I have actually moved just outside of Paris in a small village called Rambouillet. It is nice and quiet and a nice change from being in the middle of the city. There is a large Chateau across the street where Napoleon used to stay while on hunting vacations and Marie Antoinette would vacation. It has a lake surrounded by beautiful gardens and a huge forest with biking and walking trails throughout.
Last weekend, our village held a festival called St.Lubin. Saturday morning we came outside of our apartment and had a great surprise to find the street covered in straw with cows and horses along the side of street. It was like being transported back in time to medieval times. There were tables set up to eat food outside city hall where you would sit on hay stacks, and stalls along the street selling handmade goods. Everyone was dressed in costume from medieval times! It was a great event and something I will never forget!
This past week was Paris Fashion Week, so I have been busy taking the train into Paris and running from show to show. Being invited to the shows is beyond exciting, and seeing the celebrities attending the shows makes me realize how lucky I am to be one of the few who get to attend. While at Fashion Week, I gather inspiration for my jewelry and embroidery line. I will take the colors, textures or even the overall themes of the show and work it into my creations. To see my jewelry line please visit my website at At some of the shows during Fashion Week, I am also lucky enough to meet and photograph celebrities! Some of those I saw this time were Taylor Swift, Stylist Rachel Zoe and Photographer Mario Testino!
I have also been keeping busy updating my other blog at Here you will find detailed updates about Paris Fashion Week, Fashion and Crafting News and DIY projects and tutorials. Please make sure to follow this blog to receive updates! In the next few weeks, I will be busy working on my line of pop up cards for Christmas! These cards are great if you want to send a little something extra special this holiday season. I will be sure to post some photos when they are done and they will be on my site for sale! I will also be busy working on some new jewelry designs based on this past Paris Fashion Week, and I will also be going to England for a week! So, please keep on an eye on the other blog for lots of Fashion and DIY news! I will keep updating this blog occasionally, but most of my posts will be on the new blog.