Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Couture Swarovski Bracelet

Introducing my new line of embroidered jewelry! This cuff bracelet is hand embroidered with Swarovski crystal on vintage Parisian silk. It is then backed with ultra suede and finished with ribbon. These beautiful bracelets are made to order, so please contact me with your color combination if you are interested. They are $250 Canadian each. Email me at

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Parc de Sceaux

Walking through the Parc de Sceaux is such a nice break away from the craziness of Paris. Only 9km outside of Paris, you will find this beautiful park. My boyfriend had wanted to take me to this park for quite a while now, and I am glad that we finally made the trip to see it. We walked around the spacious gardens, taking in the scenery.

Climbing to the top of the hill, we saw the Chateau and got an extraordinary view the park below.

The same landscape artist who did the gardens in Versaille also did these. You may recognize the trees shaped into triangles that appear throughout both gardens.

The fountains in the park are also very impressive. There are ones that shoot water high into the sky, or quirky ones spitting out water.

After the park we finished off the day with good company and a delicious lunch with homemade french fries, champagne, lemon tart, chocolate eclairs and fresh fruit salad! What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

L'Aiguille en Fete 2011

Lace was the theme at this years L'aiguille En Fete show that I eagerly attended on Saturday. This is my second year going to this needlework trade show, where booths are lined with premium threads, buttons, fabrics and the latest in sewing and embroidery machines. I went to find supplies for my hand embroidery work, and came home with sparkling metallic threads, shiny sequins and pretty buttons!

Apart from the bustling stalls selling their goods, there is always some sort of exhibition of textiles. This year, it was all about lace. There were skilled craftswomen showing how to produce the delicate pieces, vintage samples, and various artists using lace in their creations.

There was also a room dedicated to clothing featuring lace by such designers as Chanel and John Paul Gaultier!

I am happy that I made it back to Paris in time for this show! I could spend hours there looking through all the ribbons, fabrics and cross stitch patterns! Can't wait to go back again next year!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Market

Since this is my first Sunday back in Paris, I had to go to our local market. There is just something so wonderful about the fresh produce, cheeses and flowers that are offered at french markets. The atmosphere is so lively with sellers shouting out their specials of the day. I took a few photos while I wandered through the stalls deciding what to buy!

Strolling through the market!

A beautiful flower stall

Fresh breads!

My favorite! A huge selection of fresh local cheese!

Colorful fresh veggies

Buckets filled with beautiful roses

Freshly baked breads. These looked delicious!

Onion and garlic stall

A selection of oysters

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Back in Paris!

Well, after spending a few months in Canada I am now back home in Paris! It was such a relief to step out of the airport and feel the warm Parisian air. The temperatures here are going between 11 degrees and 16 degrees. Coming from chilly Canada where our daily high was around -15 degrees, Paris felt like the tropics!
I have slowly been getting back into my Parisian groove, going to get my baguette at lunch, and enjoying a pain au chocolat while window shopping along Rue de Commerce. My boyfriend and I took a walk the other night and I got to try out my new camera. I love photographing the Eiffel tower in the dark. When it begins to sparkle is when it is most beautiful!
When I am not busy with the Paris lifestyle, I am working on all new jewelry designs which will soon be available on So, check back next week when there will be all new sparkling, "must have" pieces!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

CHCH Morning Live

Last Friday, I was lucky enough to be featured on the "CHCH Morning Live" show. I got to do a five minute interview live in the studio and show my embroidery work, and my new Spring/Summer line of my jewelry. It was a great experience and really interesting to see how everything works behind the scenes of a morning show!

I arrived at the studio at 7:30am with my Sales Rep. Kim (way too early in the morning for me!) Security was waiting for us, and they took us up to the green room where there were lots of Tim Hortons treats. We then got introduced to the producer, and began setting up my table in the hallway outside the studio. This way, it can just be wheeled in when they are ready for my interview.

Carla, the producer of the show made sure we had everything we needed and that I was ready for the interview. Above, you can see Carla attaching my microphone so I am ready for my big moment!

I had a couple of minutes in makeup room to do some last minute touch ups right before the show!

It's show time!! We wheeled the table in the studio, had two minutes to talk to the host about what we would talk about, and then it was time! It was a great interview, and it provided great exposure for my jewelry! Thank you to CHCH for having me as a guest!