Thursday, February 10, 2011

Back in Paris!

Well, after spending a few months in Canada I am now back home in Paris! It was such a relief to step out of the airport and feel the warm Parisian air. The temperatures here are going between 11 degrees and 16 degrees. Coming from chilly Canada where our daily high was around -15 degrees, Paris felt like the tropics!
I have slowly been getting back into my Parisian groove, going to get my baguette at lunch, and enjoying a pain au chocolat while window shopping along Rue de Commerce. My boyfriend and I took a walk the other night and I got to try out my new camera. I love photographing the Eiffel tower in the dark. When it begins to sparkle is when it is most beautiful!
When I am not busy with the Paris lifestyle, I am working on all new jewelry designs which will soon be available on So, check back next week when there will be all new sparkling, "must have" pieces!

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