Friday, February 12, 2010

La Droguerie

Yesterday, I finally made it out to a shop that I had been wanting to check out for a while now. Le Droguerie on rue du Jour is a busy little shop located just on the edge of Les Halles. Once a butcher shop, this boutique is now filled with luscious wools, beautiful buttons and thousands of beads. Looking through the window, I immediately noticed rolls of ribbon stacked from floor to ceiling. As I stood gazing through the window, a steady stream of crafters were piling into the shop. I thought I better get in before it get any busier!

Once inside you are greeted by skeins of wool hanging from old butchers hooks. Along with the impressive wool collection, you will find many kits for sale for knitting everything from sweaters to baby booties. Past the wool, you find yourself in button land. A whole wall of tiny draws filled with buttons behind a desk. Just like an old haberdashery, you must ask the sales assistant behind the desk for your button of choice.
On the back wall, you will find all of your findings, swarovski, and feathers. Impressive drawers and boxes hold all of these small goodies behind another desk with a sales assistant. There are binders on the desk filled with all the findings that are for sale.

Into the other side of the shop, you will find floor to ceiling shelves of glass jars filled with beads. Everything from wooden to plastic to glass. The selection is quite an amazing sight. There are assistants there to help you plan out your jewellery creations, and show you how to assemble them.

Beyond the beads, is the wall of ribbon that I had earlier been drooling at from outside the window. If you need a certain type of ribbon, you are sure to find it here. With the ribbon is a selection of small flowers and leaves made from silks, felt and velvets.
I am glad I braved the winter snow day to travel to this little shop in the city. It offers a definite destination for those seeking a creative outlet for crafting supplies.

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  1. Ahh! This one's been on my Things To Do list! Especially because I just learned a bit about wet felting and am itching to try making a hat.