Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Monet's House in Giverny

Last Saturday, I had family in town visiting so we decided to get out of the busy city for the day and visit Giverny. We caught a train headed for Vernon were we then got a connecting bus that took us into the town of Giverny, famous for Claude Monet's house and gardens. Walking around the tiny streets of the village seemed like time had stood still. You could imagine Monet walking the cobblestone streets and sitting in a little cafe in the town.

Once inside Monet's house, there were many pieces of his artwork on show in the fist main room you enter. Looking out the window at his gardens, you see the his inspiration for his paintings. Through the house are some of his belongings, his bedroom and kitchen set up as it would have been years ago, and even a little sewing room!

After going through the house and stepping out into the gardens, you are met by the most amazing view of tree blossoms and flowers blooming. The colors are a true inspiration. Since it is early April, there were tulips galore. The garden is set out in rows of flowers leading down from the house. (Don't forget to click on the picture to enlarge it and see the beautiful flowers up close!)

At the end of the main garden, if you go down under the little bridge you will come across his famous water lily garden which was the inspiration for many of his paintings. Water surrounded by flowers, bamboo trees and beautiful twine covered bridges create a romantic feel to this part of the garden.

I even got a picture taken with the famous bridge from one of his paintings in the background! Does it look like the painting!?

Boats were floating in the water similar to those Monet used to sit and paint in.

After visiting these beautiful gardens, I couldn't help but be inspired by the colors! I came home and have started making some jewelry pieces that are inspired by Monet's gardens. Watch for them soon on


  1. Preciosas fotos, debiĆ³ de ser un paseo maravilloso.

  2. These pictures are so gorgeous. Thank you for sharing them with us. I feel like I just had a little vacation.