Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pont des Arts

Paris is known for being a romantic city. Just look around and see the architecture and glimmering lights on the Eiffel Tower as it sparkles at night. There are many "kiss worthy" locations around the city, but how about professing your love in a different way?

Pont des Arts bridge has become a spot for many lovers to come and declare their affection for each other by attaching a lock to the side of the bridge and throwing the key into the river below. This is meant to symbolize the strength of their everlasting love.

Some people find it rather charming, while others see it as another type of graffiti taking away from the beauty of the city. Either way, you can also come to this bridge and encounter many street artists singing, playing guitar, or painting as this has become a great spot to earn a little money. At sundown this bridge also becomes a very popular for picnics and parties that often last into the early hours of morning.

Personally, I like to stroll along in the daytime and listen to the various artists performing along bridge. I also like to read the locks that are along the bridge. There are so many different kinds with many that are actually engraved with sayings on them. It is just a little bit of fun for an afternoon outing.


  1. The next time I go to Paris I will have to remember to bring a "pretty" lock with me to signify my love affair with the city itself!!!

  2. I love the locks, I also saw them in the New York Times when Bill Cunningham took pictures of them.

    Have you made it to the YSL Rive Gauche retrospective yet? Please go and post pictures for me!