Sunday, September 25, 2011


One good thing about living in Paris is that the rest of Europe is not very far away! Just a couple of hours on a plane and you can be in Spain! Last week my boyfriend and I took a holiday to Ibiza, Spain. We had 8 days on the sunny island to lay on the beach and eat lots of food in the buffet. Our hotel was wonderful, and the beach was beautiful. Since it was after the summer rush, there were not too many people so we had our pick of spots on the beach, and there was hardly ever anyone actually swimming in the water.

Ibiza is known for its club scene, however we are not "clubbing" type of people, so we didn't venture into any. We just enjoyed a relaxing time, and took walks along the beachfront at night. One evening we came across a pirate themed market that had huge BBQ set up with a craft market. Everyone was dressed like pirates, with some people even having live parrots on their shoulder! There were booths selling everything from spices to glass art where they were demonstrating torch glass blowing! Overall, it was a nice relaxing vacation with lots of beach time.

It feels a little like the calm before the storm since Paris Fashion Week starts on Tuesday and I will be running around the city to the shows! Watch out for updates straight from the catwalks!

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