Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall Has Arrived

Last week, the heat at Paris Fashion Week, now seems like an eternity ago. The weather has suddenly changed here in Paris, and it now definitely feels like fall. Today I took a little stroll along the Seine and felt the familiar crunch of leaves under my feet. I must admit that I am a little glad for the cooler weather since this means I can wear my new boots and Della Spiga (made in Italy) jacket!


  1. I had a moment like that wearing my new finds here in Toronto but am still glad for the return of warmth for Thanksgiving Weekend ... ease in I say! heheh

    ... the video coverage of stunning Ingrid Vlasov show was lovely!

  2. Thank you so much for following my blog :) I am following you back! Great posts + great site - looking forward to seeing your thoughts on everything haute!

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    Have an amazing fall in Paris :)


  3. gardenbre - I am glad you had nice weather for Thanksgiving. It makes it so much better when you are able to go out and enjoy the weather during holidays.

    I am happy that you liked the video of Ingrid Vlasov! It was such a beautiful show and location that I just had to film it!

  4. La PETITE Blogette xx - Thank you for following along on my blogging adventures! I look forward to reading along with you on your blog too!