Monday, October 10, 2011

Talbot Runhof - Paris Fashion Week

Such a wonderful collection shown at Paris Fashion Week! Before going to this show, I didn't know much about Talbot Runhof. Now that I have seen their collection, I want to know more! The show was filled with beautiful, feminine pieces that were completely wearable. Their use of color was strong, but not over powering. I would totally wear every piece in their collection!

I really enjoyed how the designers even considered the back of the outfits. There was always a nice surprise on the back of the clothes after the model walked by. It was a nice touch that left a lasting impression.

The shoes were also absolutely beautiful in all different shades of satin. This is one great way to add a little color in your wardrobe next season!


  1. I am so in love with those green shoes, especially shown with the blue pants in the first photo. Thank you for all your Paris Fashion Week photos, I have really enjoyed them. I know you are so busy, but if you get a chance, I would love to read 7 random things about you as part of the 'Tell Me About Yourself' blog award, which I am passing along to you. XO, Jill

  2. The first photo is my favorite! I would love that outfit! Thank you for passing along the "Tell Me About Yourself" award! I have just posted my 7 random facts about myself! I hope you enjoy them!