Monday, October 17, 2011

Iris Couture Embroidery

Just thought I would share a piece that I am currently working on! This is a couture embroidered piece that will soon be turned into a clutch purse. The hand embroidery is done with a Luneville hook which is the technique that I learned at Lesage, (an atelier house owned by Chanel). It is created with glass beads, sequins, threads and vintage silk.

This piece was inspired by the Monet Iris jacket that Lesage made for Yves Saint Laurent. This is such a wonderful piece, I really wanted to capture a essence of the original jacket in my embroidery.

Once I am finished the final product, I will post more pictures!


  1. Sarah, I'm hyperventilating, this is so beautiful. I'm just dying here. Are you making this for a customer of yours? The workmanship is unbelievable and I love it that it is inspired by the Monet jacket done by Yves Saint Laurent. You are so talented! I hope you will post pictures of the final product. I have to see this clutch!

  2. Thanks! It is so nice of you to be so excited for my work! This piece is not for a client, I just decided to make it as a product that will go for sale. I will definitely post pictures when it is all finished!

  3. That is going to be a beautiful clutch! Love the colors you've chosen.