Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fatima Lopes F/W 2011

Paris Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2011 officially began today with Fatima Lopes' show held in the Salon des Miroirs. I was very excited to be attending my first Paris Fashion Week show today, and it did not disappoint. I made my way to the Passages Jouffroy where the show was being held. As I got close to the venue, I spotted a familiar scene of paparazzi waiting outside. It was so nice to be able to go into the show this time instead of being stuck outside with the photographers! Once inside, I was shown to my seat and I settled in to watch the show. As the show began, the cameras were ready and the models showed Fatima's collection of white minimalistic creations. Back and White or Yin and Yang seemed to be the theme at this seasons show for Fatima.

As the show went on, black pieces invaded the white collection with one stunning green dress. Some tailoring on the black dresses seemed tight as models struggled to walk down the runway.

Fatima came out at the end to take her bow, and the show was over. As I left the show, I was able to catch a couple of the models leaving the show and even took the metro to the next show with one of them!

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