Monday, May 24, 2010

A Day at Bercy

This past Saturday, my boyfriend and I took a little trip out to Bercy. I had never visited this part of Paris before, so it was nice to explore another part of the city. We took the Metro to Bercy and got off right beside the stadium there. We quickly noticed that there were hundreds of people lined up to get into the stadium to see Lady Gaga who was performing that night.
We walked around all the people and into the Parc de Bercy. Over to the left hand side, is the Cinémathèque Française designed my Frank Gehry.

After stopping to take some pictures, we strolled through the park to enjoy the flowers and wildlife.

Inside the park, we came across a cute little vegetable garden, and small vineyard. The Bercy district has always been associated with wine. When it was still a rural village outside the city walls, Parisians came to drink cheap wine at the many bars along the river. To have “Bercy fever” was once a popular Parisian saying for being drunk!

After walking through the park, we headed over to Bercy Village to check out the shops.

Once inside the village, we saw two rows of rehabilitated chais (wine storehouses) converted into a pedestrian-only shopping area.

The boutiques, restaurants and bars aren’t really unique, but the buildings themselves, and the café terrace seating along the central cobblestone pathway provides the perfect setting for an afternoon drink in the sun!

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