Sunday, May 2, 2010

A little bit of everything

These past few days have been busy, from checking out the new Chanel windows to meeting friends for beading! Yesterday I met with my beading friends here in Paris. We spent the day making lampwork beads, and creating beaded beads. Making lampwork beads is a process of making glass beads. Glass rods are melted down by using a torch as seen in this picture, and wound around mandrels to create beads.

Creating beaded beads involves stitching smaller glass beads to create one larger bead. I love these new little beads that we learned how to make, and feel that I will need to make a bracelet with them very soon. Keep an eye out for them at Here is a photo of all three of our beads that we made. It is amazing how different they can look just by changing the beads used.

Only in Paris do you get served this cake when going to someone's house to bead! It was made by my friend's husband especially for our beading meeting! It was SO delicious!

A few days ago, I headed out into Paris and found myself wandering past Chanel. Ok, I admit that I sometimes take a detour just to walk by the Chanel windows. This time, they were filled with white lace outfits, and beige crochet dresses. This bag was also in one of the windows. This is the type of work that was being done for Chanel while I was at studying at Lesage. There were natural looking fiber and straw like material being woven, braided and of course beaded!

Just down the street from Chanel is a jewelry shop called "de Grisogono." They always have beautiful jewelry in the window, and this day was no exception. These diamond and jewel encrusted earrings were stunning! I just had to stop and take pictures!

Another one of my favourite places to walk through in Paris is near the Cite metro stop. Situated there are all of the greenhouses selling flowers. Along the Seine, these little sheds are full of every type of flower you can imagine. Some also carry gift type items, and lots of dried lavender.

Along the street beside the garden shops there are trees lining the boulevard in full bloom. Paris is just so beautiful in the spring!

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