Friday, May 28, 2010

Paris, Love it or Hate it!

Since I can remember, I had always wanted to move to Paris. My apartment in Canada was full of Paris posters, Eiffel Tower statues and really anything French that I could find. Now that I actually live here, my view has changed into more of a love/hate relationship with the city of lights. Here are a few things I love and hate about Paris.

Love...The sound of high heels on the cobblestone streets
Love...Old ladies walking their little dogs
Hate... Dog poop all over the sidewalk
Love...Sitting by the Seine, eating gelato
Hate...Crazy amounts of pigeons trying to steal my gelato by flying into me
Love...French dessert called "Floating Island"
Hate...Not being able to buy Peanut butter for less than $6.00 Canadian
Love...Hearing the bells rings at Notre Dame
Hate...The people begging for money outside Notre Dame
Hate...Having to step over homeless people to get into my apartment
Love...The musicians in the Metro
Hate...Being chased by crazy people in the Metro
Love...The smell of crepes coming from the Creperie
Love...Chocolate croissants straight from the oven at the bakery
Love...Relaxing in the Jardin des Tuileries
Love...Shopping at the original Chanel store
Love...Wearing new Paris fashions before the rest of the world
Love...The Eiffel Tower when it sparkles at night
Hate...The amount of tourists that are here in the summer
Hate...The french postal service
Love...Fruit and Vegetable markets
Hate...How expensive everything is here!

Well, there are a few Love/Hate examples about Paris. Stay tuned for more!


  1. So true, 100%! I'll add...

    Love: All the different versions of cheese.
    Hate: That we can't get decent cheddar/Monterey Jack/Shredded Mozarella.

  2. Hi there, I've been following you just for a week now and this really grabbed my attention. I'm probably moving to Paris in September and am the complete opposite of you: I have never, ever liked Paris and most certainly never, ever wanted to move there. Am trying to 'coach' myself to be positive about it and your little list here is helping!

    May I just add:
    Hate: snotty shopkeepers
    Hate: unfriendly Parisians
    L-O-V-E: Laduree religieuse a la rose

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