Thursday, January 21, 2010

Faire du lèche-vitrine

Only 4 days until the start of Couture Fashion Week in Paris! Although I do not have tickets into any venues, I will be standing outside trying to get a glimpse of fashion and celebrities! As I found myself wandering along Rue Cambon last night, as I often do, I saw the street being prepared for Couture Fashion week. Rue Cambon is a street where you will find the Chanel couture store and also Coco's apartment which is now Karl Lagerfelds Atelier. I love the pair of Chanel pants this mannequin is wearing in thier window display. Across the street from Chanel is the Ritz hotel. Rue Cambon, and the surrounding streets are some of my favorite areas of Paris to window shop! "Faire du lèche-vitrine" is how you say window shopping in French. Literally translated it means, "to lick the window." Sometimes I think that it is highly appropriate.

Walking through the streets I saw a John Galliano boutique, and peeked through the window at Jimmy Choo. There are also some jewellery stores selling beautiful diamond jewellery.

Making my way over to Place de Vendome, I saw Dior and Chanel Jewellery. They were also setting up for Couture week. You can see all the metal barriers that are being put in place. I think I will have to get there early next week to catch a glimpse of anyone famous. I can't wait!!

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