Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Window Shoe Shopping

It is still cold here in Paris with a little snow on the ground. I have now learned not to believe the guide books that tell you the temperate doesn't go below 2 degrees, and Paris never gets snow! It was nice at Christmas, but I am now ready for Spring. I am ready tear off my boots and wear some cute little spring shoes. Today, I stumbled across a perfect place to buy those spring shoes, the shoe master's shop, Christian Louboutin. There is no sign out front, and it is hidden away down an alley way. It is like the secret society of shoe lovers, and I found it! Too bad I can't afford a single pair in there. However, I can window shop! I love the pair of silver sparkling heels with the trademark red sole.

As I walked on from my window shoe shopping I decided to go to the Louvre since I was close by. As you can see from the frozen fountain, it really is cold here. I went into a part that I had not been in before. It is really beautiful with the fountain, and the pyramids just beond the walkway. Then, as it was getting dark out they turned the lights on the building. It was stunning all lit up. You could actually hear everyone gasp as it lit up. It was so pretty! This beautiful architecture is one reason why I love Paris!

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