Monday, January 11, 2010

Marche de la Creation Paris

Sunday seemed liked a good day to check out the Marche de la Creation Paris. It is an art and craft market that was advertised as having over 120 artisits selling thier work. There are two locations Bastille on Saturdays or Montparnasse on Sundays. Thomas and I caught the Metro to Montparnasse and looked for the market. There turned out to be only a handfull of artists selling thier work. There was jewellery, paintings and sculptures. The work that was there was pretty good. However, there were not 120 artists. There were more like 30. I am guessing that the weather has put people off of displaying thier work. In the picture, you can see the market stalls in the distace under the Montparnasse tower.
It seemed like it could be a great market, so I will have to go back during the warmer weather. And of course, I have looked up how to rent a booth there for myself!

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